AXIS | manageAll® administration system for language schools and training centres



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Does ManageAll work on my iPhone or other hand-held device?

Yes, the software works fine on any 3G telephone or internet-enabled device.

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How do I set the default currency for training proposals, contracts, invoices and financial reports?

Under the heading "Site administration", click "company information". Make your selection in the "currency" field.

hours reporting   hours reporting

How do I unlock hours that have already been locked?

invoicing   invoicing

I can't group all the hours that should be in a monthly invoice to a client.

Ensure that the hours have been entered and locked. Then ensure that the respective contracts have monthly invoicing terms selected.

trainee questionnaires   trainee questionnaires

How do I send intermediate and end of course questionnaires to trainees automatically?

In the questionnaires module, click "view module settings" under "Module setup".

To select the automatic sending of questionnaires check the "yes" option. You must then select the trigger for automatic sending, expressed as a percentage of the hours entered on the training course, both for intermediate and end of course questionnaires. By checking the "no" option for automatic sending, administrators will need to send each questionnaire manually.

You can likewise choose to receive responses directly by email, over and above the update of data which occurs when the trainee completes a questionnaire. To this end, enter the email address that will receive the responses in the "Recipient email of completed questionnaires" field.

To specify the outgoing email address for your questionnaires questionnaires, complete the appropriate field accordingly.